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What is EDUbash?

EDUbash is a group of independently run quote repositories, each one created with the goal of exhibiting a humorous snapshot of its respective institutional community.

Who's a member?

TJHSST - Founded 2005
Originally a flat text file stored in a student's public directory, grew to be the first and founding member of the EDUbash consortium.


CMU - Founded 2006
cmubash was created by two non-TJ alums, one of whom had an unreliable server, and the other of whom lost control of the domain. A TJ alum later brought the site and the domain back to life.

Stuyvesant - Founded 2008

MIT - Founded 2009
A TJ alum missed reading funny school-related nerdy quotes, consulted a couple of admins, and created

Montgomery Blair - Founded 2009 was created in May 2009 when a Blair student stumbled upon,, and threw together a site for Montgomery Blair using Chirpy! in under one day. Other students who had been collecting quotes for many months in flat-files quickly contributed, and the site rapidly grew.

Are There Others?

A few others have started their own quote repositories, but they have yet to join the consortium. Check them out and encourage them to join.

Stanford - Founded 2009

Can I Start One?

Sure, go right ahead and dive in! We suggest starting with Chirpy! or Rash. Chirpy is in Perl and has a bit of a learning curve compared to Rash, written in PHP, but generally offers more features and far better stability. If you need web hosting a good place to look is NearlyFreeSpeech, they have pretty cheap prices for a site just starting out. Get stuck? Drop us a line at our contact address and we'll see what we can do. We like to take a hands off approach: when you need help we'll offer it, but we leave the day-to-day running of the site up to you. Once you get setup we'll add your link to our consortium.

Note, however, that we can offer you no legal advice. If your website becomes a cesspool of libel and lame jokes you are solely responsible for that content. We do suggest some boilerplate disclaimers and warnings to place on your site, but remember that without good site moderation and some good old fashioned common sense you may find your words have consequences.

A final suggestion is to keep in mind trademarks when naming your site. Most universities own trademarks to their names and will occasionally use those to shut down unofficial university websites.

Good luck!